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Demanded for Good Achievement This Season, Mourinho: I’m On Fire!

Demanded for Good Achievement This Season, Mourinho: I’m On Fire!

Jose Mourinho does not feel under pressure in handling Manchester United this season Agen Sbobet. He is optimistic with his team’s chances in the Premier League and Champions League.

Mourinho’s first season at Old Trafford ended with a sixth-placed finish in the Premier League despite winning the Europa League and the EFL Cup. With Romelu Lukaku, Nemanja Matic and Victor Lindelof now at United, Mourinho will try to bring his team to a better achievement.

“The only thing I have to do is work every day as I always do. I do not put extra pressure on myself because I always give everything, then usually the result is a good consequence of the effort. My dedication to my work is always the maximum, even bigger than when I started it, and I believe at the end of the season we will get results, “said Mourinho.

“With these players, I look forward to the season with optimism, with enthusiasm, I can not wait for the Champions League to begin and the chance to face top clubs. I’m on fire! “He added.

Satisfied with Matic transfer

Manchester United spent 75 million pounds to bring Lukaku from Everton, while Lindelof was brought in with a deal worth about 30 million pounds. And the transfer of Chelsea midfielder was very pleased Mourinho.

“I can see when I first came to United that we needed players with a type like Matic. But there are not many players like that in the market and I do not like to pursue players who can not be brought in. Then I heard that he wanted to join United and be able to make it happen, “he continued.

“I am very happy to have it because he is one of the unquestioned players. He does not need time to adapt. Not a young player who comes from competitions of other countries. He is only 29 years old and he has five years experience in the Premier League.

“Matic gave me something I really like, that is consistency. He is a fantastic transfer for us because I can trust him to perform at a high level, “he concluded. (Source: Four Four Two)

It’s The Real Challenge For Tottenham Hotspur Next Season According Pochettino

It’s The Real Challenge For Tottenham Hotspur Next Season According Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino revealed that in addition to the transfer of choked, there is a real problem that will face Tottenham Hotspur next season. The problem is moving their headquarters to Wembley.

The Lilywhites will spend all season 2017-18 at Wembley, considering they can no longer use White Hart Lane. And the construction of the new stadium is still ongoing, thus requiring the Spurs to flee to the historic stadium for the UK.

Wembley will also be a witness when the Spurs melakoni big game facing fellow London club Chelsea on August 20. This will be the second matchday of the competition, this means the bigmatch party has been presented since the beginning.

Pochettino believes that the process of adaptation to the new headquarters will be a great challenge for themselves, in addition to winning the English Premier League title. Although the Argentina coach still has hope that Spurs can get Wembley tuah in embracing the success in various competitions that followed the 2017-18 season.

According to him, winning the English League at New Wembley stadium will be special for anyone including Spurs. However, before that he asked his foster children to continue to focus on building the mental and strength to achieve the desired achievement.

“We have a big challenge this season, because not only do we compete with big clubs to try and win titles again, but the other thing is trying to make Wembley like our own home,” Pochettino said as quoted by TalkSport.

“It was a big challenge for us, just like winning the title.”

“To make Wembley just like home and change the perception of fans and feel at the end of it that Wembley can help us get better and achieve our dreams. It was something big and heavy work. But we will work for it and hope in the end all will feel that Wembley is our home. ”

Spurs bad record at New Wembley

Pochettino fears are not without reason, given the Spurs record when using Wembley as their cage did not go well. Of the 10 games they played at the British national stadium, they only won two victories.

Spurs are now trying to keep the momentum, where last season they won the English League runners-up, would want to improve that level. Just a step away from the championship ladder, it will be a big motivation for them next season.

Although the consistency factor will be the answer of all predictions made since the beginning. It is important for Spurs to make the status of the black horse as their weapon to harass the great teams of the English League. (Source: Sportsmole)

Mourinho: All Players at United Man Enter My Plan

Mourinho: All Players at United Man Enter My Plan

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, admitted happy with the results of the preseason game the Red Devil’s nicknamed Agen Judi Bola.

In the last game against Sampdoria, Manchester United successfully won with a score of 2-1.

“It’s a good preseason game, it’s a good teamwork between the organizers and the team, it’s all gone smoothly,” Mourinho was quoted as saying on Manchester United’s official website on Thursday (3/8/2017).

“All the players feel the game, now we have two days off before starting a serious European Super Cup and Premier League match,” he said.

The Portuguese coach also said all the players on the team were important players. In other words, everything is still a chance to always be played.

“All the players in the team are in my plans, we still have some players injured, hopefully the end of the year has been recovered and can be played,” said Mourinho.

“Currently, I prefer players from the existing squad,” he said.

Manchester United counted seven times the test game. The result, the Red Devils managed to achieve six wins and one defeat.

In the next game, Manchester United have awaited Real Madrid in Super Cup Wednesday (9/8/2017) and Premier League counter Premier League match on Sunday (13/08/2017).

Arsenal Legend Support Barter Alexis and Aguero

Arsenal, Thierry Henry, Premier League

Arsenal Legend Support Barter Alexis and Aguero

Former Arsenal player Paul Merson supports the discourse of barter Alexis Sanchez with Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) Agen Bola Terpercaya. According to Merson, the Gunners should not lose Alexis for free.

City makes Alexis as the main target in the upcoming transfer market. However, Arsenal insists do not want to remove the players to rival club.

“I do not think Arsenal can replace Alexis, he scored 30 goals (in all competitions) last season, but the club must go further.” If someone does not want to be at the club, Arsenal are big clubs and you do not want players who do not feel right there “Arsenal is a big club, a very big club and you do not want that,” Merson told Soccerway.

Aguero and Alexis are both goalscorers at their respective clubs last season. Aguero scored 33 goals in all competitions, while Alexis scored 30 goals.

“Alexis is a good player.If I am Arsenal, I will call City and say ‘Give us Aguero and you can have Alexis.’ If Alexis wants to go to City, then I would say that I want Aguero, he’s still better than Alexis. ”

Merson predicts, Arsenal will be getting slumped next season if Alexis go. Therefore, the contribution of players from Chile is very important.

“I think Arsenal will be difficult to finish in the top four if they fail to keep Alexis I know they will not be champions but they will play big games If you release Alexis you throw players with 20 goals and 10 assists per season in the Premier League, For me, he can not go to City unless Arsenal get Aguero, “Merson added.

Owner of Aston Villa Welcomes the Coming of John Terry

Owner of Aston Villa Welcomes the Coming of John Terry
Club Division Championship Aston Villa in the near future will introduce John Terry as their brand-new player. Aston Villa club president Tony Xia welcomed the former Chelsea captain Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Through Twitter social networking, Tony Xia announced his club can not wait to play with Terry. He also ensures Terry will be introduced by the club from the city of Birmingham officially in the near future.

“Welcome JT (John Terry-red) in Birmingham City .. Aston Villa! The official announcement will take place in the near future,” cuit Tony Xia.

According to news, the legendary Chelsea defender will be contracted for one mudim with a value of 4 million pounsterling or approximately Rp70 billion. Terry moved to Villa after 19 years career with The Blues.

a Ibrahimovic masih kekurangan rahasia sasaran tujuan Inggris

Manchester United maju Zlatan Ibrahimovic menegaskan dia memiliki lebih banyak gol dalam lokernya setelah mencapai 20 di musim debutnya di Old Trafford.

Pemain berusia 35 tahun melanda sebagai sisi Jose Mourinho menang 3-0 di juara Leicester City pada hari Minggu untuk bergerak dalam waktu dua poin dari empat besar agen sbobet.

Ibrahimovic kini memiliki 15 gol Premier League dalam 23 pertandingan, menambah dua di Liga Europa, dua di Piala Liga dan satu di Community Shield.

Mantan kapten Swedia mengungkapkan kritik serta tantangan baru bermain di Inggris telah terus motivasinya tinggi ketika ia mencoba untuk mencapai target rahasia untuk kampanye.

“Saya punya target di kepala saya, tetapi saya tidak akan mengatakan itu. Saya belum ada di sana,” Ibrahimovic kepada wartawan.

“Tapi aku punya target. Ini adalah sesuatu yang saya telah melakukan setiap tahun dan itu adalah hal yang baru bagi saya.

“Aku terus memproduksi. Saya memiliki 20 gol dan tujuh assist. Statistik sejauh ini sama mencapai seperti tahun lainnya, kecuali untuk tahun lalu yang merupakan tahun gila!

“Saya masih memproduksi dan melakukan yang terbaik dan saya mendapatkan banyak bantuan dari rekan-rekan. Saya tahu ada banyak orang yang mengatakan aku bahkan tidak akan mencetak 20 tapi itu tidak saya fokus pada.

“Kami telah beberapa pertandingan yang tersisa sehingga mudah-mudahan saya akan mendapatkan lebih banyak. Semuanya memotivasi saya, semua target, semua kritik lain, semua atmosfer datang ke Liga Premier dan membawa lebih banyak pengikut ke Liga Premier.

“Bagi saya, tujuan utama adalah untuk membantu tim saya menang dan melakukan yang terbaik dan setelah itu kita lihat apa yang terjadi.”

West Ham 0 Manchester City 4: Jesus Diulas sebagai laki-laki Guardiola’s kembali

Gabriel Yesus membintangi dengan tujuan dan membantu pada awal pertama Premier League sebagai Manchester City romped untuk kemenangan 4-0 di West Ham.

Pep Guardiola membuat dua keputusan pilihan berani dalam meninggalkan Claudio Bravo dan Sergio Aguero di bangku cadangan dan dihargai dengan hanya kemenangan atas penerbangan kedua di lima upaya.

Kevin De Bruyne menempatkan City unggul dengan gol liga keempat musim ini yang telah didirikan oleh Yesus.

David Silva cepat menggandakan keunggulan tim tamu dengan gol keduanya dari kampanye liga dan Yesus memukul dirinya sebelum jeda.

Yaya Toure menambahkan gloss untuk scoreline dengan hukuman babak kedua, serangan keempat gelandang untuk City sejak Boxing Day.

sisi Guardiola telah memukul West Ham 5-0 di Piala FA bulan lalu dan sama-sama dominan di sini.

Kota sekarang pindah level pada poin dengan urutan keempat Liverpool dan dalam waktu 10 pemimpin Chelsea.

West Ham tinggal 11 setelah kemenangan beruntun dua pertandingan mereka dibawa ke berhenti tegas.

Kedua belah pihak memiliki awal babak peluang, Raheem Sterling voli lebar untuk Kota sebelum Michail Antonio tembakan langsung di Willy Caballero – dipilih lebih Bravo – dari jarak 25 yard di ujung lain.

a Dzeko terasa penggemar Roma sedang menunggu untuk menghinanya

Striker Roma Edin Dzeko merasa lebih banyak tekanan dari pendukung di Serie A daripada dirinya selama waktunya di Inggris, mengatakan rasanya seperti fans yang menunggu untuk “penghinaan” dia.

Dzeko adalah konsisten jika tidak spektakuler pemain selama empat setengah musim di Manchester City, agen ion casino mencetak empat gol dalam 22 penampilan Premier League dalam kampanye terakhirnya sebelum bergabung Roma pada tahun 2015.

Setelah musim pertama lamban, 30 tahun telah mencetak 20 gol dalam 29 penampilan di semua kompetisi musim ini, meskipun ia mempertahankan reputasi karena membuang terlalu banyak peluang di depan gawang.

Dzeko mengatakan reaksi pendukung untuk peluang terjawab jauh lebih parah di Italia, tapi pengalaman dengan Bosnia-Herzegovina membantu dia mengatasi.

“Di Inggris ada kurang tekanan. Jika Anda tidak bermain dengan baik itu adalah normal bahwa mereka mengkritik Anda. Tapi kritik adalah bagian dari permainan, sehingga Anda menerimanya,” kata Dzeko Il Messaggero.

“Pada Roma itu mirip dengan dengan Bosnia, mereka tidak mengkritik Anda, mereka menghina Anda. Jadi saya sudah terbiasa untuk itu.

“Di rumah, Anda akan OK jika Anda melewatkan tiga kali, tapi keempat dan penghinaan mulai lagi. Seolah-olah mereka sedang menunggu kesempatan yang tepat untuk memukul Anda.

Dzeko telah menikmati etos kerja yang lebih besar bahwa pelatih Luciano Spalletti telah ditanamkan sejak mengambil alih dari Rudi Garcia tahun lalu.

“[Garcia] yang dibutuhkan untuk menjadi sedikit lebih keras pada kita, seperti Spalletti adalah. Anda harus menghindari seseorang yang membuat Anda santai terlalu banyak,” kata striker.

“Spalletti ingin lebih dan lebih dari saya dan seluruh tim.

Rangers pinjaman Toral dari Arsenal

Rangers telah menyelesaikan penandatanganan pinjaman dari Arsenal gelandang serang Jon Toral.

dipinjamkan Toral ini di Granada berakhir setelah dia hanya tampil enam kali di semua kompetisi musim ini.

Pemain berusia 21 tahun bermain secara teratur di mantra pinjaman musim panjang sebelumnya dengan Brentford dan Birmingham City di Championship dan sekarang bergabung sisi Premiership Skotlandia hingga akhir musim.

Toral bekerja dengan Rangers manajer Mark Warburton selama kampanye di Brentford di 2014-15.

“Saya sangat, sangat senang berada di sini dan stadion hanya menunjukkan seberapa besar klub ini – Saya benar-benar tidak sabar untuk memulai,” kata Toral Rangers TV.

“Saya pikir mengetahui manajer telah memainkan peran besar di dalamnya dan juga koneksi bapak memiliki dengan Arsenal.

“Ini terjadi sebelumnya dengan Gedion [Zelalem], itu terjadi di Brentford sebelum juga – saya pikir itu sangat penting bahwa saya tahu Arsenal sangat nyaman dengan saya pindah ke sini.

Nama tim Liverpool termuda dalam sejarah mereka melawan Plymouth

Liverpool telah bernama tim termuda dalam sejarah mereka untuk Piala FA putaran ketiga di kandang Plymouth Argyle.

The Reds ‘starting XI datang pada usia rata-rata hanya 21 tahun dan 296 hari, yang klub telah mengkonfirmasi adalah rekor terendah – mengalahkan tanda 22 tahun dan 303 hari agen sbobet terpercaya dari line-up yang mengalahkan Wolves 3-1 pada tahun 1965.

Tim ini termasuk pemain senior seperti Emre Can, Lucas Leiva dan Alberto Moreno, tetapi juga fitur Ben Woodburn berusia 17 tahun dan 18 tahun Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Liverpool tidak pernah kehilangan pertandingan Piala FA melawan tim di tingkat keempat, lari yang mencakup 15 pertandingan.