Former Persebaya Player Died

Former Persebaya Player Died

Indonesian soccer again grieves. On Thursday afternoon (27/7/2017), former Persebaya Surabaya player Muhammad Hasan Maghrobi was declared dead.

Hasan, who is also a former player of Petrokimia Putra Gresik in the union era, died of pancreatic cancer. He was treated at a private hospital in Surabaya before being transferred to Pasuruan, East Java.

Hasan’s career in the Indonesian football scene is pretty flashy. He led Persebaya to appear in the final of the competition in 1987.

Together with other Persebaya legends such as Yusuf Ekodono, Putut Wijanarko and Mustaqim, Hasan also the name of the team Bajul Ijo at that time.

Afterwards Hasan tried his luck as club coach. His last career as coach was at PSPK Pasuruan. He coached the club on the 2016 Nusantara League title.

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