It’s The Real Challenge For Tottenham Hotspur Next Season According Pochettino

It’s The Real Challenge For Tottenham Hotspur Next Season According Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino revealed that in addition to the transfer of choked, there is a real problem that will face Tottenham Hotspur next season. The problem is moving their headquarters to Wembley.

The Lilywhites will spend all season 2017-18 at Wembley, considering they can no longer use White Hart Lane. And the construction of the new stadium is still ongoing, thus requiring the Spurs to flee to the historic stadium for the UK.

Wembley will also be a witness when the Spurs melakoni big game facing fellow London club Chelsea on August 20. This will be the second matchday of the competition, this means the bigmatch party has been presented since the beginning.

Pochettino believes that the process of adaptation to the new headquarters will be a great challenge for themselves, in addition to winning the English Premier League title. Although the Argentina coach still has hope that Spurs can get Wembley tuah in embracing the success in various competitions that followed the 2017-18 season.

According to him, winning the English League at New Wembley stadium will be special for anyone including Spurs. However, before that he asked his foster children to continue to focus on building the mental and strength to achieve the desired achievement.

“We have a big challenge this season, because not only do we compete with big clubs to try and win titles again, but the other thing is trying to make Wembley like our own home,” Pochettino said as quoted by TalkSport.

“It was a big challenge for us, just like winning the title.”

“To make Wembley just like home and change the perception of fans and feel at the end of it that Wembley can help us get better and achieve our dreams. It was something big and heavy work. But we will work for it and hope in the end all will feel that Wembley is our home. ”

Spurs bad record at New Wembley

Pochettino fears are not without reason, given the Spurs record when using Wembley as their cage did not go well. Of the 10 games they played at the British national stadium, they only won two victories.

Spurs are now trying to keep the momentum, where last season they won the English League runners-up, would want to improve that level. Just a step away from the championship ladder, it will be a big motivation for them next season.

Although the consistency factor will be the answer of all predictions made since the beginning. It is important for Spurs to make the status of the black horse as their weapon to harass the great teams of the English League. (Source: Sportsmole)

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